Install and setup the CLI

Install the CLI for your platform and configure it for your environment.

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Install NodeJS: Version 12 or newer

Install Docker CE
Optional for local docker agents. Version 19.03 or later required for GPU support in local docker agents

Install NVidia Container Toolkit
Optional for local docker agents on Ubuntu

Now you can install the alphadrive CLI from NPM. Fire up your command prompt/terminal and run:


Apt-get is the preferred method of cli installation on Linux:

curl | sh -

Alternately, the cli is available via npm for installation:

sudo npm install -g @alphadrive/cli


npm install -g @alphadrive/cli

Mac Additional Steps:

The sample agents with streaming visualizations require a local X11 server. You can use to install the X11 server on mac.

brew cask install xquartz

After install, please execute these command in the terminal and launch/restart XQuartz from your /Applications folder:

defaults write org.macosforge.xquartz.X11 nolisten_tcp -int 0

Running the alpha command:

Now you will have an "alpha" command on your path and your environment configured, you can authenticate with the service and connect to your account:

alpha login

This will open a browser window where you can login and complete the authorization.

All alpha commands will be available to you now. You can see a list of commands as follows:

alpha --help

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