Apply to Participate in a Benchmark

Benchmarks require benchmark admin approval.

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The Alpha Drive platform provides benchmark tools and services, but we do not create or administer our own benchmarks at this time. 

Currently, benchmarks - like the CARLA Benchmark - have their own administrators who are responsible for managing the applications, submissions, and general support for the benchmark. 

All benchmarks publicly available can be found on the benchmarks' home page. To apply, simply navigate to the benchmark you would like to participate in:

In the main navigation of the page select "Apply to Participate":

From there, select the team that you are entering the benchmark with or create a new team. 

If you have any questions, you may contact the benchmark administrator though our chat functionality on the website.

The administrator of the benchmark will either approve your team to make submissions, ask for further clarification on your application or, if for some reason there isn't a fit, they may reject your application.

Any questions about a particular benchmark should be made to the benchmark administrator. 

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